Soul Sight

The definitions of the “supernatural” abilities of consciousness can be rather elusive. Precognition is defined as the ability to foresee events or foreknowledge. Prescience is defined as foreknowledge or foresight. Clairvoyance is the ability to see into the future or know things that cannot be discovered through the normal range of senses.

Visions are defined as images communicated supernaturally, especially by God; or an apparition. Hypnogogic and hypnopompic visions are the scientific terms  for images that appear just before entering the sleep state and just after leaving it. The U. S. government invented the term remote viewing for their research into clairvoyant images of remote physical sites.

Lucid dreams are dreams in which someone has awakened. Out of body experiences are when consciousness projects out of the physical body and functions in the mental, spiritual and physical worlds. Dreams that come true are just that, dreams that came true.

But what do you call apparent space and time travel in a vision? For example, one night not long ago, just before sleep I received a hypnogogic vision of an African American woman. I was seeing a side-view silhouette of her face from the neck up. She had very short hair and a slightly full face. I noticed it, wrote it down, and didn’t think much more about it. It was not anyone I knew nor was it apparently related to anything that was currently going on in my life.

The next day a friend spontaneously stopped by and invited me out to lunch. I decided to go and when we sat down in a newly opened restaurant neither of us had been to before, directly beyond our booth sat the black woman I had seen in my vision. Not only that, but the sides of the booth were so high, all I could see of her was the side-view silhouette of her head. I noticed this and continued to enjoy lunch with my friend.

To simplify matters, I call these experiences Soul Sight. I could call them hypnogogic clairvoyant remote viewing into the future, but I prefer a less challenging designation.

Please share any similar events you may have had on this site. I’d love to hear about them.